Massive expandable capacity for any situtation

4.8kWh - 76.8kWh

From tailgate power to extreme blackouts that last for days on end, MONSTER Pro delivers up to 4,800Wh capacity, With additional units, you can power your home for days with an incredible 78,8kWh. With that, you're covered for any situation. That's the industry gold standard. [1]


2.5 Days

Emergency Home Power


41 Days

Emergency Home Power


4,800Wh Portable Home BatteryNow Live & Available Exclusively on INDIEGOGO

4,800Wh Capacity

(Expandable 4.8kWh-76.8kWh)

Power Almost Anything

(3500W-7000W AC Output)

Home Battery Ecosystem


Power 99.99% of devices

3,500-7,000W AC Output
13 Outputs

A huge 3500-7000W continuous AC pure sine wave output makes MONSTER Pro deliver more than enough power for heavy-duty devices. This allows you to power space heaters to workshop devices and medical equipment. Just pure power. Get the Double Voltage Hub for up to 240V.


Fully Charged in 1.5Hours

2,000W Power Input

MONSTER Pro has incredible charging speed, offering up to 2000W peak power input. Fully charged in 1.5 Hours with wall outlet and solar MPPT charging. 

MONSTER Pro gives you options to charge. Keep powered on no matter what. To benefit from the fastest charging, anywhere, anytime. 



Use MONSTER Solar panels to charge anywhere. 



Any Wind Turbine with a fitting plug


Car Outlets

Plug in to your car cigarette outlet for charging on the go.


Wall Outlets

Fast wall charging

Next Generation LiFePO4 Battery 6,000+ Life Cycles

Next-Gen Battery unveils in Tesla's latest EV models. Compared to the traditional battery, LiFePO4's heat dissipate 50% more efficiently, with 6000+ (retains 65%) life cycles that can last for decades, plus it is resistant to flame/explode for added safety

Store Energy For Peak Hours 

Get the Most Out of Your Power Usage whenever you want. Save Money on Your Energy Bills. For Each Energy Stored, You will meet a new MONSTER Pro. 


Charge MONSTER Pro from an EV station

Offering 2000W fast charging at over 35,000 EV stations across the US. [1]


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